Old Mill Brew Pub, Sunshine Stout, Branding and Package Design, ZGH Design, Inc.

Old Mill Brewery - Sunshine Stout

Old Mill Brewing Co., located in the historic Eesley Mill, connected with ZGH Design in search of new brand development. The company, based in Plainwell, MI., offers its patrons a unique dining experience. Old Mill Brewery Co. collaborated with ZGH to design and create the restaurant’s menus and bottle labels for the microbrewery’s signature beers, which are now in production and brewing beer daily.



Portage Parks and Recreation - Winter Programs Guide

Portage Parks and Recreation Department approack ZGH Design, Inc. in need of fresh new look and reformat of their 2013 - 2014 winter programs guide. A downloadable PDF version of the winter guide is available at http://www.portagemi.gov/ .


Boeing Health Promotional Design, ZGH Design, Inc.


ZGH Design collaborates with Boeing in the creation of its internal health care promotions. ZGH designs Boeing’s print collateral and digital screen promotions, which are seen and distributed at health care events; table tents, wallet cards and flyers contain information regarding employee health care programs. ZGH continues to revise and produce new printed material for on going events.


Lake Woldorf schau, web design and development, ZGH Design, Inc.

Lake Waldorf & Schau Website

Lake Waldorf & Schau, PLC contacted ZGH five years ago in search of a new web site design. The law firm, located in Kalamazoo, required an easy to use, functional web design, something that would meet their growing and changing needs. Recently, ZGH and Lake Waldorf & Schau, PLC collaborated again, updating the site’s design. A more professional look was desired, mirroring the law firm the site represented. Search engine optimization (SEO) was enabled allowing Lake Waldorf & Schau, PLC to increase page ranking on search results.



Brazilian Oven - Logo and Package Design

Located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Brazilian Oven produces all natural, guten free, cheese bread, or as the Brazilians call it "Pái de Queijo". ZGH Design was approach by Silvana Quadros, the owner and founder, to help launch her new product. With outstanding communication and collaboration from our client, we were able to create the new brand and initial packaging label for her wonderful Brazilian cheese bread.