Portage Parks and Recreation - Winter Programs Guide

Portage Parks and Recreation Department approack ZGH Design, Inc. in need of fresh new look and reformat of their 2013 - 2014 winter programs guide. A downloadable PDF version of the winter guide is available at http://www.portagemi.gov/ .


Old-Douglas-Farm, Branding and Print Collateral Design, ZGH Design, Inc.

The Old Douglas Farm

ZGH Design created an informational rack card for the The Old Douglas Farm to promote their meat products. The Old Douglas farm was established in the late 1800’s. The English barn sits on 40 acres of land with an adjoining 20 acres of fields dedicated to growing hay. They pride themselves on raising all grass fed Scottish Highland Cattle and organically fed Red Wattle Hogs. No antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones are used in any of their livestock.



RE/MAX of Michigan - TechStravaganza - 2013

RE/MAX, the real estate leader in Michigan and across the country, sought out the experience of ZGH Design, Inc. to be a part of their marketing and promotional design needs. Through a team effort, on going communication and unique design innovations, the 2013 RE/MAX Market Share Report was produced to provide their agents with the tools and information to communicate their high level of service and to know where they stand next to the competition. Click on the image to the left to view the digital version of the publication.


Lake Woldorf schau, web design and development, ZGH Design, Inc.

Lake Waldorf & Schau Website

Lake Waldorf & Schau, PLC contacted ZGH five years ago in search of a new web site design. The law firm, located in Kalamazoo, required an easy to use, functional web design, something that would meet their growing and changing needs. Recently, ZGH and Lake Waldorf & Schau, PLC collaborated again, updating the site’s design. A more professional look was desired, mirroring the law firm the site represented. Search engine optimization (SEO) was enabled allowing Lake Waldorf & Schau, PLC to increase page ranking on search results.


Branding and Logo Design, ZGH Design, Inc.

Logo Design

When your customer sees your logo, what do you want them to know and remember? It is vital that your company logo paints a vivid picture in the customer's mind of what you offer as far as a product or service. Many times, business logos are not included on promotional materials, and this results in confusion and misunderstanding of that particular company's main concept.